Desperate times appear to be calling for desperate measures

With increasing regularity, we are hearing horror stories of other recruitment firms pushing candidates to accept jobs that they aren’t interested in.

Perhaps worse still, there are search firms in Calgary who seem to be actively advertising positions they have not been engaged to recruit for.

As we head into a downturn and what is likely to be a difficult market for hiring, job seekers working with search firms should keep the following in mind:

  • Many recruiters work exclusively on commission, meaning they only get paid if they fill the position. Therefore, they may not always have your best interests in mind.
  • Always meet with the recruiter before giving your permission for your resume to be forwarded. A good recruiter should be able to tell you more than just what’s on the job description.
  • Only post a limited amount of information on LinkedIn.  Until you feel comfortable with the recruiter, the recruitment firm and their reputation, don’t provide a resume. It can be argued that it is easy for a recruiter to pull a profile from LinkedIn and send it to a client, and disguise it as a resume.

We will be putting together a “A Candidates Guide to Working with Recruiters” over the next few weeks but until then, just be careful who you are trusting to represent you in your career search.

Alun Spackman
Partner, Red Recruitment

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